Get Inspired & Start Styling!

Be passionate! Satisfy your inner desires with new styles using our “Love4Style” app. Our app was designed to impress with inspiring features and artistic looks. Enjoy styling yourself and invoke your inspiration to show your hidden beauty.

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Love4Style CANADA
Styling – DIY –

You don’t have to be stylish or fashionable to use our “Love4Style” app.
What you may need is your passion or the desire of trying something new at your leisure time without bothering anyone else.

Do it yourself (DIY)! Your passion and our app features will create many new and fantastic looks that you can never imagine.
Whether for a regular or a special day-out event or for any special occasion.
Style yourself until achieving your satisfaction.

Isn’t that amazing?

Remarkable Styles

Style is something that comes from within you. Regardless who you are, stylish or not, our “Love4Style” app will invoke your love for styles. It provides you a fascinating tool to style yourself virtually just by a few clicks from your mobile device.

Why don’t satisfy your  desire by creating your own uniqueness with various hairstyles and hair colors from classy to fantasy?
Why not creating your own statement by taking advantage of various choices of eye-wear in many shapes and brands?

Avoid any risk, enjoy great styling moments with Love4Style!



Time to Grow!

For consumers who love “styles”, it’s time to drive your passion to accomplish your styling needs using our inspiring app.
For business partners, what is your branding strategy if not building a cohesive, consistent and recognizable marketing?
It’s time to connect and present your brand within Love4Style! Don’t miss this chance to grow your customers.

Feel the power that comes from what excites you! Try it now!

Easy & Fun

How easy?

1-User friendly.
2-Straight forward styling process.
3-Flexible styling controls.
4-Availability of Edit & Unlock tools.

How fun?

1- Free to try
2- A vast choice of styles with various options to try on.
3- Fashionable and attractive layouts, user-friendly features.
4- Sharing capability on various social media channels.
5- Anyone can use regardless age or gender.
6- Avoiding risks.
7- Capable of connecting to service providers.


Practical and Efficient Saving
Saving Time and Money

“Time is money”, either inspiration or styling is your true need, we are proud to offer you an efficient way to save your time and money via our “Love4Style”. It provides you a fascinating tool for virtual self styling in a quick and easy way while avoiding taking wrong decision. Take the most out of it and enjoy saving.

Revealing the “True You”
Living your Dream

One of the best parts of “Love4style” app is intriguing your taste of styling to live your dream and see beyond yourself. As quoted by William Shakespeare “We know what we are, but know not what we may be”. Don’t limit yourself as “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller –

Improving Customer Engagement
Connecting Customers to Opportunities

With the ability to tap the full potential  using various techniques, our app has the ability to respond to our customers’ expectation in an emotional way. Take this chance to make a strong connection with your customers and let your business recognized in this fast growing market. Grow your customers  using this approach. Try it out and see what we can help.

About Us & Our Work

Get to know us

As part of Emvata, we are a small team who works with passion and dedication.
We love creative ideas and improve the quality of lifestyle.
We would like to use our technical and artistic skills to transform our ideas to engaging products and share with others.  Get to know us by  discovering our Virtual styling “Love4Style” app.
Stay connected! and Grow with us!

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Our Skills & Expertise

What we’re passionate about ?

We all love to create things and when we do, we do with passion. Our technical skills and the love for styles has inspired us to build this “Love4Style” app. Enjoy styling yourself virtually and have fun!

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Quotes & Testimonials

What they said

 People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

― Theodore Roosevelt.



"Unique and trendy style."

You can see their unique style just by looking at what they posted on Social Media, they really show their own style!

- Sylvie Vartan



"Unmatched Power."

The ability to inspire audience are amazing and very creative.

-John Johnson



"So attractive"

Their Pinterest profile has made me curious to know more about "Love4Style", watch and judge yourself! they are on Facebook!

- Michael Brown



"Great design."

You can feel right away the burning passion in the design and development for every item that they present.

-Jane Smith




I feel so excited when seeing Love4Style business page on Facebook! can’t wait to see what Love4Style will offer.

-Patrick Levesque



"Love their creative ideas."

I haven’t seen its product, but I found the images posted on Instagram and Facebook very creative.

- Jane Johnson