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Be passionate! Satisfy your inner desires with new styles using our “Love4Style” app. Our app was designed to impress with inspiring features and artistic looks. Enjoy styling yourself and invoke your inspiration to show your hidden beauty.

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How it works?

Our Services

Who We serve and how?

Partner Solutions: 

How it works to become our partner to grow your business with us! Various solutions were designed to adapt to the needs of your businesses. Whether you would like to present your brand on our fascinating website or on our mobile app, our team is here to help.
Love4Style can always help improving our lifestyle whether you are consumers, businesses,marketers or salespersons etc…It’s a complementary to any related businesses for their branding solutions.

To small and medium businesses in related sector, if consumers fall in love with our products then it must be a good opportunity for  you to grow your customers  using our  Direct Marketing service.  Take advantage of this unique service to build your independent brand. Branding your business should not be so complicated!

Our current services: We can help you to reach and grow your clients in a more efficient way!

Direct Marketing service 

For  businesses in related sectors (hair salon, glasses stores, eyewear stores/shops, wig stores etc..), make your brand get known and reachable using our service.  Take advantage of these flexible offers to engage specific audiences to generate profitable business results.

Mobile app Customization Service

The average American spends almost five hours per day on their smartphone,  millennials are using their phones for shopping experience. Take advantage of this Mobile app customization service to grow your clients!

 For all related businesses (hair salon, glasses stores, eyewear stores/shops, wig stores etc..), our customization services were designed to meet the needs of your businesses.  These flexible services  help you to engage specific audiences and generate profitable business results.
Please note that  this service was designed for businesses who would like to license our products only.

 Other services – coming soon.

  • Mobile app designing services.
Take advantage of these flexible offers  to generate profitable business results.

 Flexible Direct Marketing service  packages. 

Becoming our Client – Basic option:
• Your business logo will be displayed on our fashionable & attractive “Love4Style”website.
• Upon clicking on this logo, the user will be redirected to your business website (if exists).
Becoming our Client – Premium option:
• A brief  description of your business services/products or promotion will be displayed on our  attractive VIP Client Showcase.
• The user will be redirected to your business website when clicking on this Ad.
Becoming our  VIP Featured Partner – Android or iOS mobile Apps
• Your business  logo ,location/services  will be displayed  on our Love4Style App via a custom feature.
Take advantage of these special features to reach your potential clients.

How to subscribe to our Services 

For information about pricing, please  select “Subscription” under the Services menu. For more information, please contact us.


Any service option that you subscribe with us, you should provide us quality photo(s) with a correct format ( logo, background etc.), URL. Depending on your selected option,  a brief  content that you would like to display  ( business service, promotion..) will be required.
For VIP Featured Clients:
A short time will be delayed to have your business information displayed on our mobile App due to the  time delay between the current version and  the next updated version. Please plan ahead of time to achieve your goal.
(Required Subscription period:  6 months or more).
For more information, please contact us.

Engage Clients
VIP Clients Showcase
Captivating and Creative
Publish with Pride
Understand Clients’ Needs

Unleash the Power
Publish with Pride
Build with Passion
Captivating and Creative
VIP Clients Showcase 

Stunning and Creative
Engage Clients
VIP Clients Showcase
Build with Passion

VIP Clients Showcase
Understand Clients’ Needs
Captivating and Creative
Publish with Pride
Grow Your Customers Base